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About Me


I love taking pictures! I have always loved photography, especially aerial photography.  Pictures capture the awesomeness of mother nature, the joy a child experiences when opening a present, progress residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural sites, and much much more.  


 have been in the aviation industry for more than 10 years now as a flight instructor, Tour pilot, offshore pilot and EMS pilot.  With today's drone technology low level photography can be done more efficiently with a Drone than a helicopter or airplane.  

With today's cutting edge technology I can create a 3D image of your home so you can add it to your listing.  Create crop count records so farmers can track the progress and estimate yeild.  I can easily survey damage caused by mother nature in hard to reach places.

Contact Me


T- 575.897.DRONE (3766)

PO box 202

Roland, IA 50236

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